From data to customer: the Real-Time Omnichannel era.

Using Web and RFID technologies, we create innovative and functional solutions that link the physical product to a digital experience and introduce our customers in the era of Phygital

The shopping experience in-store supported by real time digital systems


Users will be given the opportunity to CREATE, SHARE AND BUY products and services tailored to their profile of consumer.
The brand will use BIG DATA acquired on its customers to provide special content and targeted during the shopping experience, independently from the channel and from where the customer is at (websites, CRM, social media, in-store etc .. )

NICHE software


Thanks to our experience and the valuable collaboration of our customers, we have created products targeted to specific needs: from management of retail operations, to that of the historicals assets management, visual merchandising, the event management, to the guarantee certificates activation and management and authenticity check, to combat the gray market and counterfeiting.


-TMR-Core is a middleware enabler for our solutions
-TMR manage retail operations
-TVM handle visual merchandising
-TEM event with real time guest list
-TFA archive and guidelines of style
-I’M TRUE fight parallel market

Fashion Industries Technologies


Magic Mirror is our in-store solution for 360° mirroring and thanks to the RFID it shows information and availability of the garments that are worn by the customer. The solution is integrated with warehouse stocks systems to always show the actual availability of products.
Interactive Displays is the term that includes all the infotainment solutions we make to inform customers in-store. These products range from information kiosks, touch or touchless branded games, up to ad hoc solutions such as interactive video.
Virtual Stylist is our selling assistant software available either through tablet from interactive screens in-store.
IOT and touchless solutions are all those projects we specifically realize for customers and which may relate Ibeacon, sensors, location-based and interactive installations (creative or gamification)

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the TMR version 2.3